FrOm ThE "S" To ThE "t" tO tHe "r" To ThE "s" To ThE "S" *stay awAy~!*


YeAH HaPpY NeW YeAr To EvEryOnE, do PArDy AnD StoP SmOkInG ..allRiGhT~?? AlsO YoU WoN't


It's fuCkIng StUpId ShiT ...MoIs WhOlE TimE Is TakEn By ThE SchOoL Q.Q
AnD ThEn ThErE iS StiLl My GuItAr *GuiTAr Pat*

BuT I must FinIsh ThE ThiNgS FoR WtD x-x

Do YoU kNoW ViSu-BitChi-ViEhChEr ?
I kNoW OnE TiErSChEn xD~

ThEy SeEm Very StupId, as though theY WerE RuNnInG AgAinSt a TrEe Or SomEthInG ...BuT ThE TrUTh iS ThEy ArE VerY EvIl AnD NeArlY ThE SamE lIkE YuuEnWilDRoCk WhEn SomEonE iS cAllInG nhEirA A GiRl...    O-O

*blinz* *OpEns WinDoW* *sHouTs Out* "NHEIRA IS A GIIIIRL!!!!!"

*gEnkI dEsU*

so eh okay so you waNnA KnOw WhY PsEuDo-ViSU-BiTchU-ViHchEr ArE So DAngEroUs AnD pSyChoPatIcally?

I WiLl TelL YoU DuDe xDDD
EsSpEciAlY WhEn YoU  ArE A BoY Q.Q
In AnImExX ArE mAnY Of ThEm *AfrAiD DesU*

ThEy SEArCh FoR PoOr-lItTlE-deffensless-visu-GuYs AnD TElL ThEm EvErY FuCkInG ShiT ThEy kNoW.
ThEy sAy ThEy KnoW BanDs lIkE 176biZ AnD GhoSt But actually ThEy Only knOw mIyAvi, GazEtte Or DiRu AnD WhEn YoU TalK AboUt AnCAfE ThEy ThInk YoU mEan An IcEcAfE Or SomEthInG~ o.O;

AnD ThEy Say ThIngS lIkE "look I Am RukI WiTh ThE NASeNbINdE" or "WhAt mEanS "hi"?"

Ah AnD....ThEy Don'T knOw whAtS A sAfEtY pIn XDDD   

WhEn YoU TAlK AboUt HidEs DeAth AnD ThEy BegInn To cRy And SaY:"WhAt?? HyDE is dEaD????"

thEy ThInk X-JaPAn Is StiLl ExIsTinG AnD HidE StIll AlIfE~

AnD thEy dOn't KnoW WhAt kAwAii mEanS XDD   

TiLl You ArE ConFusEd AnD MoRe DeFfEbSlEsS ThEn BerfoRe O-O~!!
AnD ThEn ThEy RapE YoU ....


  _(Q-Q)_    <----*PsEuDo-ViSu-BiTchU-ViEhCh IS RapIng A LitTlE-PooR-ViSU-GuY AnD is waving a flag*

So TakE CaRe AnD Don'T AnSWEr StUpId SenSelEsS PoStIngS lIkE :"NiCe PicTuREs~"

ThEy ArE EvErYwhErE O.O *PaRanoIa*

aNd YoU PsEuDo-ViSU-BiTchU-ViEhchEr PlEasE Do mE A fAvOr AnD gEt LOsT~ O-O

ThEy ArE OnE Of ThE ViEhChER WhiCh ArE BoThErInG mE O-O;;

AlSo ThErE ArE ThE "I Am So ShiTzOfREhn!"-ViEhchER...BuT ThAt At An OthEr TimE >.>

So I hAvE To FinIsh WtD O-O;

So AnoThEr dAy in KlEin gEeSTensEE IS EnDinG ~o~
AnD I cAn PlAy GenkAi hArEtSU  *-* ...a bit ~ *hUsT*

So FuXx It AnD bE StupId   ~

AnD DriNk VanIllA CokE AgAinSt ThE dEmEnZ~

Hai? XD




*roll WeCh*



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